the caretakers by eliza maxwell

By Eliza Maxwell: Published April 14th by Lake Union Publishing (NetGalley Review) Eliza Maxwell’s The Caretakers is aptly described as “chilling” and I may add, unsettling too. It’s an excellent read, but prepare to be on edge. Filmmaker Tessa Richardson’s career is gaining momentum until the subject of her latestContinue Reading

a woman sits at a table in a paris cafe on the cover of a book

By Jayne R. Boisvert: Out now from Open Books (Book Glow Review) Summary An easy-to-use guide to the ‘City of Lights,’ Pilgrimage to Paris: The Cheapo Snob’s Guide to the City and the Americans Who Lived There includes travel tips and features a range of key attractions and free or nearly freeContinue Reading

danbury palace in essex through the trees

I admit, this isn’t a fantastic photo. The remarkable building that’s the subject of this post is at a distance, through the trees. Danbury Palace (originally Danbury Place) is located near the beautiful village of Danbury, Essex. It dates back to 1589 and while it’s mainly been a grand residenceContinue Reading

Have you ever simultaneously made a discovery and recognized its familiarity? Thanks to Instagram, I recently acquired some lovely vintage postcards from Sorensen Books in Victoria, Canada. These charming scenes of little birds and chicks and their soft colours caught my eye. I’ve always loved vintage art and sweet scenesContinue Reading

an old graveyard in east hanningfield essex

Recently on Instagram I shared this photo I took in 2016 from the far corner of the churchyard, looking at the rear of All Saints Church in East Hanningfield, Essex. Though it’s very lovely, unlike many of the churches I’ve shared, All Saints isn’t particularly old. It dates from 1884-5Continue Reading

beeleigh abbey near maldon essex

The only thing I like better than an old house is a haunted old house. In the Maldon, Essex area this beautiful home, Beeleigh Abbey, has quite the history. Constructed in 1180 it was originally a monastery (hence the name.) The heart of St. Roger Niger of Beeleigh was buriedContinue Reading