Are you the type of person who enjoys structured reading, tracking the number of books you finish in a year and participating in book club discussions? Or, is reading a purely solitary pursuit with no thought to how many books you tackle?

I fall somewhere in the middle. In the past, I never tracked what I read or made a conscious effort to engage with other readers. In the past few years I’ve began tracking my reading, journaling about it and participating in book clubs.

It all started with Goodreads’ reading challenge, which gave me the encouragement to track my books. Now, it’s my goal to read 40 books a year. However, I’m not too rigid about it; reading for me is for relaxation and enjoyment more than accomplishment.

This year, I will share with you some of the books I’ve read lately and particularly enjoyed, in the hopes I can encourage you to try one and discover a new author to love.

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