I’ve always been attracted to the forgotten, mysterious and unusual. History, mystery and stories have shaped my life since I was a little kid; so has a fierce sense of justice and passion to advocate for the marginalized.

By day, I’m a communications professional for a busy non-profit social service agency. I study public administration, celebrate diversity, champion inclusive language, love technology and as a person with limb difference myself, advocate for people with disabilities.

After work I like to read psychological thrillers and historical fiction until the wee hours, listen to true crime and mystery podcasts while going on long walks, watch football and visit historical sites or old cemeteries. I’m passionate about local and lesser known British and Canadian history.

For several years, I lived in Essex, UK, where I took enough photos of beautiful landscapes, listed houses and crumbling cemeteries to keep me in blog content for ages.

My time in Essex even inspired my pen name, Uncommon Poppy. The Common Poppy is the official flower of Essex; I’m not a true Essex girl (and I’m slightly unusual) so Uncommon Poppy became the title of this blog.

Now that I’m back in Canada, I’m re-exploring our history with fresh enthusiasm, especially as it relates to truth and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. I have a lot of learning to do.

Whether you have a passion for the unusual, ancient and mysterious, a voracious appetite for new books or a desire to celebrate equality and diversity, I thank you for visiting my odd little corner of the web. I don’t know where this path leads but quite frankly, that’s part of the fun.