a sign on an old church in saffron walden essex

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Saffron Walden, Essex, UK, is a beautiful, remarkable and historically significant Grade I Listed church. While you can be assured I’ll write about and share photos of the church in more detail, tonight I want to focus on one specific part ofContinue Reading

a copy of the secret garden with a bird and plants

The Secret Garden is my favourite book and a true classic. It includes several features that I’ve been drawn to in stories throughout my life; mysterious, stately homes with closed up rooms (and gardens) to explore, the English countryside, spirited women and girls, true friendships and the element of mystery.Continue Reading

a book, teacup and cookies

Are you the type of person who enjoys structured reading, tracking the number of books you finish in a year and participating in book club discussions? Or, is reading a purely solitary pursuit with no thought to how many books you tackle? I fall somewhere in the middle. In theContinue Reading

the front of dick turpin's cottage in thaxted

Well, allegedly! The birthplace of Dick Turpin is actually this lovely chocolate box of a house in Hempstead, Essex. However, this Grade I Listed, 15th century cottage which also bears his name is in Thaxted, Essex. It sits at the bottom of Stoney Lane, an ancient and steep cobbled streetContinue Reading

st peters the oldest church in england

A simple-looking church, the Chapel of St. Peter ad Murum (on the wall) is located in Bradwell-on-Sea (Bradwell-juxta-Mare), on the Dengie Peninsula of Essex, UK. “ad Murum” seems especially fitting as when you visit this chapel you have a real sense that you’re on the edge of the world. However,Continue Reading